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Good, honest, artisanal food and treats made with love, and other fine ingredients.

taste for yourself

We at Sugar Chalet really proud of what we do. Good, honest, homemade, comfort food all made by hand, right here at the bakery, and all from scratch by a group of talented, dedicated bakers and cooks, and decorators. We use only the best ingredients like Belgian chocolate and cocoa, local farm fresh sour cream and milk, sweet cream butter, local farm fruits, and fresh cage-free eggs. With ingredients like these made by people that love what they do, how can it not be good? We are also proud to say that since 2011 we are offering both vegan & vegetarian!
Come visit and taste for yourself.

come and see for yourself

Located Central Oshawa, just visiting Sugar Chalet is an experience in itself…the breathtaking aromas; mouth-watering displays of desserts, savouries and gifts; and the constant flurry of busy bakers whipping up fresh from-the-oven deliciousness like cookies and bite-size treats, cakes, pies and sweets.

Can’t make it in, we can always bring it to you. We now offer delivery.

making people happy since 1985

Whether it’s our award-winning cupcakes, our famous Mom’s Chocolate Layer Cake, or our amazing Diabetic options, Sugar Chalet has been baking up darn good food, and traditional baked fare for over three decades.

After 38 years in the baking we are so fortunate to still love what we do and we look forward to many more loving it, and loving you!

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