So, it’s summer vacation. That can be both a boon and a bane. It is a boon because you no longer have to stay up all night, burning the midnight oil. Also, you no longer have to write those endless, boring papers. But it is also a bane because you are not sure what to do with all your extra time. Well, fret no more, as I have the perfect solution for you!

summer vacations

Here are some things you can do during your summer vacations:
1. Restyle Your Room:
Your room is probably the place where you spend most of your time, so why not make an effort and personalize it? You don’t really need to spend a bomb to do this. Here are a few pointers:

Make a Powerpoint presentation of pictures of all your favourite books, movies, TV shows and bands. Take printouts of these and paste them like a collage on your wall.
You could also make a huge collage of old photographs and relive bitter-sweet memories every time you look at it.
In fact, you don’t have to have great artistic abilities to revamp your room. If you can’t paint or draw, just buy stickers and wall decals to cover your cupboards and walls.
Or you could just reorganize your room – arrange all the books by category and store all stationery neatly, in separate boxes.
Move around the furniture or try your hand at mirror painting – the point is, think of yourself as an artist and treat your room as your canvas.

2. Volunteer at an NGO:
The benefits of doing volunteer work in your free time are many-fold. Not only are you helping a needy person but you also learn valuable life skills like how to work in a team and how to take direction. Also, volunteering at an NGO doesn’t necessarily mean teaching kids how to read. You can find an NGO that deals with a cause close to your heart – it could be sports, dance, music, animal welfare – anything! NGOs like Parikrama and Child Rights Trust in Bangalore, are more than happy to offer you the opportunity to volunteer.

3. Form a Hobby Club With Your Relatives and Friends:
Summer vacation is the perfect time to catch up on reading and watching movies. Why don’t you form a reading club with your friends? You could all assign books to yourselves and pick a fixed time of the week, to discuss what happened in each of your books, you can also hit the spa for a beauty treatment, although if you really want a change, there are clinics where you can get minor cosmetic Surgery and look how you always wanted.